Apr 7, 2014

KCUMB Adds New Global Medicine Track

KCUMB is responding to international health care challenges by implementing a new global medicine track as part of the D.O. curriculum in KCUMB’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Medical students who qualify for this track will prepare for service in international communities, such as those served by DOCARE International, during the annual outreach trips.

Often, traditional medical students only experience the Western model of medical care. This global medicine track will demonstrate how other models function and will help our students develop potential solutions to challenges in health care delivery and implementation.

Led by Gautam Desai, D.O., professor of family and community medicine, the track will include research that will help our students be more competitive for post-graduate training programs. To counter the shortage of medical labs and imaging capabilities in some international areas, students will receive additional training in navigating language barriers and further improving their physical exam skills.