May 30, 2014

KCUMB Continues Efforts to Share Our Story

Kansas City Business Journal, May 30, 2014
With so many positive things going on at KCUMB, those outside the University are beginning to take notice.

On May 30, the Kansas City Business Journal featured KCUMB and our plans for the future in an article in their annual health care edition.

This recent article in the Kansas City Business Journal is just one of many positive articles about your KCUMB that have been published in the past year. Our successes have also led to positive mentions of KCUMB in The Kansas City Star, Ingram’s Magazine, The D.O. and even USA Today.

Sharing our story has been one of my main goals during the past year. We have a lot to be proud of. It’s gratifying that people in our community and around the nation are beginning to understand what our KCUMB is really about.

Read about KCUMB in the May 30 online edition of the Kansas City Business Journal (subscription required; free full PDF coming soon).

Read stories about your University in the KCUMB In the News section of our website.