Sep 18, 2014

KCUMB Alumni Association Installs New Officers

Dr. Feder
The KCUMB Alumni Association chose a full slate of new officers during the organization’s at its annual meeting of members Sept. 18 during Homecoming on the KCUMB campus.

Those elected to leadership positions were:
  • Joel Feder, D.O. (COM ’75), president
  • Cameron Knackstedt, D.O. (COM ’75), president-elect
  • Ross Sciara, D.O. (COM ’71), vice president
  • Mary Franz, D.O. (COM ’91), treasurer
  • Janis Strickland Coffin, D.O. (COM ’98), immediate past president
Other current members of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors are:
  • Paul Dybedal, D.O. (COM ’54)
  • Frederick Flynn, D.O. (COM ’76)
  • William Halacoglu, D.O. (COM ’91)
  • Nathan Hall, D.O. (COM ’10), M.S. (COB ’06)
  • Cameron Knackstedt, D.O. (COM ’75)
  • Thomas Randoll, D.O. (COM ’05)
  • Jeffrey Schlachter, D.O. (COM ’76)
  • Mark Schwartz, D.O. (COM ’10)
  • Daryn Staley, D.O. (COM ’00)
  • Darwin Strickland, D.O. (COM ’65)
  • Adam Whaley-Connell, D.O. (COM ’01)
  • Leslie Wiscombe, D.O. (COM ’71)
Are you interested in serving a four-year term on the KCUMB Alumni Association’s Board of Directors? Nominate yourself or another Alumni Association member at You must be an active (dues paid) member of the Alumni Association to make a nomination. If your membership is not currently active, visit to pay the $50 annual dues.