Aug 15, 2014

Missouri Biotechnology Association President Tours KCUMB

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly Gillespie, executive director of the Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO), on Aug. 11. I shared with him KCUMB’s commitment to advancing research as an institution and as a member of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute.

MOBIO is a nonprofit trade association composed of a broad cross-section of companies, institutions of higher education, research organizations and related firms involved in research, development and commercialization of the life sciences. MOBIO members promote economic development in Missouri by supporting life science research and practical applications that benefit the general population. The primary goal of MOBIO is to make new discoveries available to everyone.

By working with groups such as MOBIO, we at KCUMB can help transform not only our own institution, but all of Kansas City into a hub for life sciences research.