Aug 18, 2014

Student Organization Goes Above and Beyond to Provide Physicals for Boy Scouts

When members of KCUMB’s chapter of the Student American Academy of Osteopathy provided free physicals earlier this year for Boy Scouts, they knew they were helping boys who otherwise may not have been able to afford a doctor’s visit. The Boy Scouts in Troop 221 appreciated the free physicals they received in April, which meant they would be allowed to attend summer camp.

Unfortunately, the troop’s vehicle was stolen in June – and inside it, all the required forms from the free physicals SAAO members had performed. While the vehicle was recovered, the forms were not. 

SAAO members quickly rallied volunteers for a second series of physicals, which they performed in time for the Boy Scouts to attend camp. This is a great example of how our students are making a difference in the community.