Oct 30, 2014

Administration Building Renovations, Dybedal Center for Research Improvements Underway as Campus Master Plan Progresses

Administration Building interior demolition
KCUMB continues to move forward with projects included in our Campus Master Plan, with work now shifting to the Administration Building and the Dybedal Center for Research.

With all employees moved out of the building and the successful auction of furnishings, interior demolition of the Administration Building is currently in progress and will continue through the end of the year. The building interior is being removed down to structural features and will be replaced with a state-of-the-art, modern work environment, with plenty of open space for collaboration, meeting rooms and a welcome center for campus visitors. Construction crews have already removed truckloads of material that will be re-used or donated to local charities.

Construction of new research laboratory space in the Dybedal Center for Research is also underway. The work includes a large laboratory, a confocal microscope room, a cell culture room, and adjacent animal holding and procedure rooms. Select upgrades to the building lobby and utility improvements for other laboratory spaces are being performed in conjunction with this work, which will be ready for occupancy in January.

For more information on other aspects of the Campus Master Plan, visit www.kcumb.edu/Future.