Jan 13, 2015

Global Health Honors Track Takes Students to Kenya

A contingent of KCU students traveled to Kenya in November to provide free medical care to those in need as part of the University's new Global Health Honors Track.

KCU's Global Health Honors Track, which began in August, teaches students how various models of medical care differ internationally and will help them develop solutions to challenges in health-care delivery and implementation in other countries. View our photo gallery.

During the trip to Kenya, students gained valuable clinical experiences, in addition to being able to treat patients suffering from conditions not commonly seen in the United States, such as malaria.

“Students vastly improved their clinical skills as diagnosis was largely based on patient history and a physical exam,” said Gautam Desai, DO, professor of primary care medicine, who leads the new track. “The study of medicine internationally offers many advantages, and brings to life the textbooks in which we read about tropical diseases.”