Feb 26, 2015

New Research Consortium Brings Together Scientists from KCU, KU and UMKC to Focus on Musculoskeletal Diseases

A newly announced Musculoskeletal Disease Consortium formed by the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU), the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center marks the first time the Kansas City area’s three health sciences universities have joined forces to advance biomedical and translational research.

The consortium, announced Feb. 25, combined the individual strengths and resources of the three institutions, and offers key opportunities, including:

  • Facilitating research and pursuit of large-scale funding
  • Improving educational opportunities for our students
  • Accelerating the process of turning discoveries into clinical treatments

Our announcement received local and national media coverage in a variety of publications, including the Kansas City Business Journal, PR Newswire and Medical News. It represents a defining moment for KCU in that it both demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of science, as well as defines us as a steadfast collaborator in the biomedical research community of Kansas City.