Jul 7, 2016

COM Student Nicolina Smith Receives National Anatomy Research Award

Nicolina Smith, (COM '18), was selected from among 143 entrants to receive the American Association of Clinical Anatomists' (AACA) Sandy C. Marks Jr. Student Poster Presentation Award for outstanding research and study, and clarity of presentation.

Under the tutelage and guidance of Drs. Anthony Olinger and Larry Segars, KCU Division of  Clinical Anatomy, and Dr. Travis Kauffman, UMKC Department of Radiology, Smith presented findings from "Using Anatomical Landmarks to Avoid Phrenic Nerve Injury During Atrial Ablation Procedures."

The award was presented during AACA's 33rd annual conference held June 13 through 17 in Oakland, California. Hosted by the University of California - San Francisco, the conference provided an opportunity for students from around the world to present research in four categories: Education; Limbs and History; Torso and Neck; and Head and Anatomical Services.