Jul 15, 2016

Scientific Imagery Dazzles When Seen Through the Eyes of Jingsong Zhou, PhD

To many people, an image of a single skeletal muscle cell would hardly seem suitable for framing. But when reconstructed in 3D and colored brilliantly with blue nuclei, red mitochondria and green lysosome, the image takes on a new perspective, as science merges with art.

Jingsong Zhou, PhD, KCU research investigator and professor of physiology, recently captured this remarkable image, which is currently on display at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art East location in Kansas City, Missouri. It is part of a larger exhibit, "2016 Science to Art."

Eleven pieces of art make up the exhibit, which ranges from images of a quail embryo to water droplet dispersion to a 3D image of infant lungs. These, along with Dr. Zhou's skeletal muscle cell image, will be auctioned at the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute annual dinner on Sept. 22. Proceeds will benefit science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) education in the community. The free, public exhibit is open through Sept. 12, 2016.